Who we are

From Idea to Enterprise: Transforming Innovation to Socio-Economic Impact

The Social Enterprise Service Group™ (SESG) represents an offering of services and resources designed to develop and strengthen social enterprise, drive meaningful technology  application innovation, and galvanize the next generation of social entrepreneurs and innovators.

The Group is composed of four affiliated nonprofit organizations:

  • The Social Enterprise Club (SEClub)
  • The Social Enterprise Institute (SEI)
  • The Social Enterprise Foundation (SEF)
  • The Social Enterprise Impact Fund (SEIF)
The Social Enterprise Institute recipe: Professional Sciences paired with Liberal Arts disciplines embedded in a uniquely designed Business Model to address a specific persistent social problem with a sustainable solution.

The Social Enterprise Service Group™ @ Elizabethtown College (SESG) presents an opportunity for business to make a significant social impact on the world. The Social Enterprise Institute (SEI) and its simulation lab create an outlet for faculty members, fellows of the Institute and students from all academic interests and institutions to collaborate on social enterprise initiatives. The SEI @ Elizabethtown paired with the Young and High Centers will bring a competitive edge to the College, the region and the possibility of partnering with other organizations focused on empowering education for service.

On Social Enterprise:

Social enterprise, or the matching of financial profitability with social mission, is a competitive advantage that the SEI offers to clients, academic partners, and regional workforce. Locally, Milton S. Hershey possibly may have been the nation’s first social entrepreneur, but the south central PA region is home to countless social innovators creating and developing social enterprise spanning across sectors creating and retaining meaningful jobs in the region, including Goodwill Industries and Ten Thousand Villages. Some of today’s largest global corporations are social enterprises, including Warby Parker, Tom’s Shoes, and Ben & Jerry’s. The SESG views this rapidly growing sector as an opportunity to focus the region’s innovation and commercialization efforts for a higher level of competition and differentiation locally and beyond.