The Social Enterprise Institute:

The Social Enterprise Institute @ Elizabethtown College (Institute) was established to function as a research and development technical advisor to social enterprise. The Institute helps launch social enterprises, assists in their development and supports their growth. The Institute has experienced rapid growth in responding to “market place needs” as evident by the array of current active projects in various stages of development. Project staffing is provided by a talented team of Senior Praxis Fellows, Professionals in Residence and Subject Matter Experts who help lead interdisciplinary teams made up of faculty, graduate and undergraduate students. The Institute pairs the intellectual capital from the Professional Sciences with the Liberal Arts Disciplines in a customized model to address a specific persistent social problem. Additionally, the Institute is developing a simulation lab in conjunction with a finance lab to support the Social Return on Investment Reporting market needs. The Institute engages with social enterprise clients both directly or as an applicant from the Club or other Social Enterprise Network or Alliance Member pursuant to a sponsored research contract that defines the scope of the Institute’s work.