POWERING Social Enterprise.

The Social Enterprise Simulation Lab (SESL) is a comprehensive social enterprise simulation tool kit that gives participants hands-on experience in solving the most pressing problems arising from social and environmental issues facing organizations and the world today.

Enabling sustainable solutions to some of the world’s most persistent social problems.

The Social Enterprise Simulation Lab (SESL) uses the process of imitation and modeling to investigate and discover unknown information/characteristics regarding an organization’s social, economic, and financial footprint. The SESL aims to use an organization’s own artifacts to answer questions and reveal new information to assist the decision making process in a safe and controlled environment. The goal is to accurately simulate and interpret various scenarios under multiple conditions in an effort to predict how changes will influence the status of the organization.

Researchers utilize the SESL to replicate real business, social and environmental situations and analyze their behavior in light of cultural, psychological, environmental and economic models. Through the use of the SESL, researchers are able to test complex theories in a controlled environment.

The SESL supports the SEI @ Elizabethtown College to assist the organization and help realize their value beyond just the economic.

The Lab's mission is to facilitate cutting edge, data-informed behavioral research to advance the study of complex persistent social problems and influence innovation in the development of unique social enterprise business models that deliver sustainable triple (economic ,social and environmental) bottom line results.

“The SESL performs and teaches all the things other business simulations do and adds social plus sustainability dimensions to it. It does this in an integrative and comprehensive way”.

Experiments conducted in the SESL reflect the “educate to serve” and innovative character of Elizabethtown College. At both the college, alliance partners and Lab levels, our research teams excel in delivering social enterprise advancements that make a real difference in the world.

The SESL is a collaboration between Elizabethtown College and the distinguished Simulation Center at the University of Central Florida with the purpose of creating a cost-effective environment in which social entrepreneurs feel safe to take risks and try new ideas.

Leveraging this research, organizations can attain a greater understanding of economic, social and environmental independencies and harness their collective insights regarding potential solutions.

Make Your Challenge OUR Project

Have a social enterprise challenge or business idea but limited resources to tackle it?

What value lies beyond the economic value?
The Social Enterprise Institute (SEI) @ Elizabethtown College aims to assist organizations realize their social and environmental value beyond the economic value generated. Its mission is to address some of the world’s most pressing social issues through technological and innovative strategies, solutions, and social enterprise development. Through the SESL, an organization’s goals to produce economic, environmental, and societal impacts can be measured and used to inform others about the organization’s multi-valued footprint from the local to global arena.