Nonprofit Development

The Problem

Financial sustainability for nonprofit organizations (nonprofits) has long been of interest to nonprofit organization leaders, current and potential funders, and the communities that they serve. However, nonprofits face a myriad of challenges in establishing and maintaining financial sustainability.

How we help

The Social Enterprise Group provides services that addresses the growing challenges to funding and organization sustainability in the nonprofit and social-impact world.

We connect nonprofits to resources, encourages the creation or acquisition of for-profit businesses, and work in providing sustainable earned revenue funding.

Minimize donation dependency by:

  • Appropriate structure.
  • Appropriate scale.
  • Appropriate sustainability though an earned revenue module.

Enterprise Development Team

Enterprise Development Partners are individuals who facilitate relationships and provide general project management oversight to the creation of a Social Enterprise and an earned revenue model through the acquisition or creation of a Benefit Corporation related to providing services/deliverables as defined in each Statement of Work for each Client or Customer.

Practice Area Directors are individuals who provide specific experience in an assigned professional area by providing assigned services/deliverables as defined in each Statement of Work for each Client or Customer.

Subject Matter Experts are individuals who have a specific discipline or professional field in which they have demonstrated exceptional knowledge or experience and are outside of the scope of expertise provided by the Practice Area Directors. SMEs come from both Business, Industry and Institutes of Higher Education.

Faculty Advisers and Research Assistants are individuals recruited when appropriate from SEI University Programs for the purpose of providing effective and efficient resources to assist the Development Team with the respective stage of process.